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Docker for Automation Testing (Beginner to Expertise )   

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Docker for Automation Testing   (Beginner to Expertise )
Published 9/2023
Created by Ace Automation Academy
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 53 Lectures ( 10h 22m ) | Size: 4 GB

This course is a comprehensive course for Test Automation with docker from basics to expertise (Concepts + Handson)

What you'll learn
Docker concepts and importance of Test Automation along with docker concepts
How to setup docker environment in Test Automation
How to determine which docker architecture is required for which scenarios of Test Automation
Design & Run selenium automation scripts inside Docker containers
Design & Run single browser tests inside docker containers
Design & Run multiple (cross browser testing) Selenium grid inside docker containers
Design & Run Java based tests inside docker container
Design & Run jаvascript based tests playwright tool inside docker containers
Design & Run api based tests inside docker containers
Integrate and run automation tests inside docker containers in cloud environment
Integrate and run automation tests inside docker containers in AWS
Integrate and run automation tests inside docker containers in Jenkins
Learn basic of Dockers
Learn why Docker is important in CICD Devops
Basics of Automation Testing - but then course has been designed considering beginners
This course gives a complete learning about the docker basics, docker architecture, and then deep dives to different usecases that automation testes might find themselves in the organisational industry.This is the only course:which covers different automation tools (Selenium, Playwright, Postman) , different Build Automation Tools (Jenkins, AWS), different programming languages (Java, jаvascript) so that the students can get the best out of understanding docker along with Test Automation framework.There are total 7 use cases explained step by step handson practical and before that with concepts so that the students understand the different scenarios that they might face will using docker in the framework.Software testing is a field that is continuously changing. As testers frequently have limited time to test software, Quality Assurance Engineers often choose automation to ensure the results for improving software quality.Docker is a technique that separates an application in a lighter, quicker running environment than a Virtual Machine (VM). Containerization is used along with Selenium, WebDriver, and other comparable automated testing tools.With the introduction of the multi-container testing strategy, Docker has changed how testing is integrated into the CI/CD process. To bundle an application's dependencies, an operating environment free of external agents that may interfere with the testing method can be employed.
Who this course is for
Test Automation Engineers
Automation Testers
Test Automation Architects
Test Leads
Test Managers
Software Architects
Backend Engineers
Front end Engineers
Engineering Leads
Engineering Managers

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